Personalised Learning

At Oakleigh House we are believe children should be given every opportunity to realise their full academic and personal potential.  We are committed to providing an education where all pupils are challenged to be the best that they can be.

We work hard to anticipate and meet children’s particular educational needs.  This process begins from the moment they join our school.  We take time to assess their strengths and weaknesses, especially in literacy and numeracy, so that we can immediately provide the support and challenge they need to develop and thrive.

NACE National Association for Able Children in Education

Accreditation September 2016

Reaccreditation December 2020

Oakleigh House gained the prestigious NACE Challenge Award for excellence in provision for more able and talented learners and challenge for all, for the second time in December 2020.  It is the only primary school in Swansea to have achieved this award.

Sue Riley, Chief Executive NACE, commended the school’s efforts to ensure that the learning journey of pupils had continued as smoothly as possible, despite the disruption created by the Coronavirus pandemic. In his summary, the lead assessor said ‘The school ensures a very inclusive approach and pupils of all abilities achieve well. Provision across the curriculum and wider aspects of school life provides challenge for more able and talented learners. Contributions from members of the school community are valued and all are encouraged to have high expectations’.

Learning Support

We have a well-established Learning Support Department which provides support for children with a wide range of additional needs. We adopt a flexible approach to support which may take the form of in-class support, small group work or one to one session.  The focus is on ensuring that each child has a positive experience in school and makes progress. Personalised learning across the school contributes to a supportive and nurturing environment in which all children can thrive.

Estyn Inspection 2017 commented that,

as pupils move through the school, all pupils make particularly strong progress in relation to their starting point”

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) refers to children who –

  • Have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age.
  • Have a disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of the educational facilities generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream maintained school.

Your child’s class teacher and Mrs. Wendon, ALN Co-ordinator, can offer advice as a first step in identifying any specific learning needs.  We offer further advice, screening and support for pupils in the following areas;

Cognition and Learning Communication and Interaction Sensory and /or physical needs Social, emotional, and Mental health difficulties

In some cases, a referral made be made to an external professional service such as Speech and Language therapy, Occupational Therapy or an Educational Psychologist.

Getting support
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The Welsh a Government has passed legislation, called the Additional Learning Needs (Wales) Act and Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Code, which replaces all previous legislation and guidance about special educational needs. For further information about this please click below.

For further support and information about different types of ALN and how to support your child please visit the following links:

Swansea ALN Department

Autistic Spectrum



Speech and Language difficulties


General advice and support


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