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Guy Mercer, Osprey visits school

Guy Mercer, Ospreys visits Oakleigh

We interviewed Osprey’s player Guy Mercer.  He came to our school to create a stronger connection between the Ospreys and the community.

Guy is on loan from Bath where, until recently, he was captain.  His position is flanker.  He arrived at the school  looking jolly, but what he didn’t know was that he’d be worn out by the time we were finished with him.

Finally. the question session started and students from KS2 took the opportunity to ask the rugby player about something they’d always wanted to know. Question upon question.  Guy Mercer answered every single one with a smile.  Then came a quick fire round where the rugby player had to answer the questions (provided by Year 4) with only one word!  He struggled a little bit, but overall he did well.  After a few last minute questions including the question ‘what is your salary?’ from James and the response ‘not enough’ every class had a photo with Guy Mercer and had merchandise signed.

KS2 enjoyed themselves very much so THANK YOU Guy Mercer.

Anoushka, Year 6

Guy Mercer, Ospreys visits Oakleigh
Guy Mercer visits Oakleigh
Guy Mercer, Ospreys
Guy Mercer, Ospreys

Year 6 with Guy Mercer
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