Is your child ready for Reception?

Ready for Reception

Embarking on the journey into the world of ‘big school’ can be an equally exciting and nervous time for both children and parents.  We can help your child feel confident and ready to take the next step in the exciting world of education.

Ensure your child is ready to hit the milestones in Reception by laying a solid foundation in our Early Years department.  Key skills in phonics, number, social development and confidence will ensure your child can reach their full potential.

Let us guide you through the process of joining us in Nursery, Preschool or Reception.  In order to secure one of our remaining places why not arrange to visit us.

Looking, listening, speaking and ... doing!

Our Early Years department takes great pride in developing children’s speaking and listening and social interaction abilities. Our children recognise that everyone is important, and have opportunities to share ideas and opinions, create stories and engage in role play.

Children develop their confidence and social skills, learn that everyone can contribute and develop mutual respect. Developing social skills at this key age is an essential foundation for the future.

No two children are the same and that is to be celebrated, but whether your child is naturally outgoing or more reserved, we ensure all children feel comfortable to participate and get the most out of everything on offer and give them the confidence and determination to reach their full potential.

Ready steady write!

Did you know that children’s hands keep developing until around age 7? Cartilage finally becomes bone in a process called endocrinal ossification at around this age.

Exercises to develop and strengthen the hands leading up to this age are key to developing good fine motor control and dexterity which will make writing and pencil control much easier when they are ready.

At Oakleigh House’ Early Years department, we develop these skills through targeted play and finger gym sessions.

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks

Our Early Years department lays the foundations for children to become exceptional readers by fostering a love of reading from the first day they start school.

Stories, rhymes and poems for the youngest children combined with phonic knowledge and a wide range of reading strategies ensures your child is ready to embark on a lifelong passion for reading.

As children progress, they learn more complex digraphs and tricky words following their own individualised learning path.

 Nursery pupils

Nursery pupils

Laying the foundations for marvellous mathematics

Learning to count is more complex than people often realise, learning to sing the numbers is a good start but then linking that knowledge to a quantity and recognising the matching numeral takes a lot of different skills and requires practise before a child can truly count. We develop a deep understanding of the number system, building a strong foundation from the earliest stages.

We believe in brilliant basics and use practical resources children can touch and move initially, moving on to pictorial and then more abstract ideas. We develop a child’s number sense and give them a deep understanding of concepts; learning to subitise and understand the composition of smaller numbers before moving on to bigger ones. We start early with problem solving too, giving even our youngest children appropriate challenges to encourage independent thinking.

When it comes to maths, number is not the only goal we focus on, even our littlest learners have the opportunity everyday to compare and describe patterns, compare quantities, talk about size, weight, capacity, position, time, distance and much more.

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