The Future of Learning

Personal HP devices for pupils at Oakleigh House School

Cognita Schools Group has launched the largest-ever school group roll out of artificial intelligence
(AI). Century Tech’s AI-powered learning software it has now been rolled out in 42 schools across 4
countries including UK, Spain and Switzerland. The initiative is one of the largest partnerships of its
kind with over12,000 students benefiting from the technology. By partnering with Century the new
devices will all enable all pupils in years 3-6 at Oakleigh House to access personalised learning at
home and school throughout any disruption.

Sabrina Espasandin, Digital Learning Advisor for Cognita in Spain said

“Tools like Century allow students to have a clear understanding of their strengths and improvement opportunities and
provide them with the possibility of revising topics or challenging themselves to more complex ones,
constantly adapting to create a completely personalised learning experience.”


IT at Oakleigh House
Personal devices arrive

Century personalises learning for each student, tailoring learning materials to their individual
strengths, weaknesses and behaviours, whilst equipping teachers with useful data insights.


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