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Welcome to Oakleigh
House School

With a century of dedicated commitment to education, we proudly stand as the only independent preparatory school in Swansea, South Wales. We nurture the development of young minds, beginning at the age of 2 ½ in our Nursery programme. Guiding them through the dynamic and challenging primary years until the age of 11, where we prepare them for the transition to secondary education.

Our enduring tradition of excellence has empowered generations of pupils to embark on successful journeys in the world, setting a strong foundation for their future endeavours.

Building Confidence

Our fundamental purpose at Oakleigh House is to provide a school where children feel happy and safe to learn and explore. It is only from this position of feeling happy and safe that children are able to thrive with confidence, and this is what we want for every child in our care.

Building Character

We encourage our children to take pride in everything they do, to have high expectations of themselves and to celebrate their achievements. This is done through exposing them to a wide variety of opportunities which allow them to discover their unique talents.

Building Resilience

Our children are provided with a bespoke education through a lively, stimulating and varied learning environment which provides them with challenge at their level and inculcates in them a growth mindset and resilience to face the challenges life will inevitably present.

Our award winning Nursery

  • Specialist teaching in ballet and music

  • Top 20 Nursery in Wales by for the past 3 years

  • Full & part-time sessions available

  • Open from 8am – 6pm

  • EYFS funding offered (30 hours, redeemable against After-School Club and Holiday Club)

Meet our Head, Mrs Hill

Mrs. Hill brings a wealth of experience in both teaching and school leadership. She is passionate about fostering the holistic development of each child at Oakleigh House, ensuring they excel academically and thrive as happy, confident individuals.

"We prioritise the holistic wellbeing of all of our children, alongside their academic achievement.

We recognise that when children feel happy, safe and valued, they achieve so much more."

- Mrs Hill, Head

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Oakleigh provides a nurturing environment where children are very happy while preparing them for real life and teaching them valuable skills.

-Parent Oakleigh House

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We are super proud of Dylan and Nate (Yr2T) who were awarded player medals for Mumbles Rangers Under 7s Team this weekend.  Well done to you both!
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The best way to find out what a #Nursery is really like is to ask the parents. The easiest way to do this is to read the nursery reviews at:

We are very proud of our review score of 9.9 out of 10!  Contact us to arrange a personal visit to find out more about us:, 01792 829 537.
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Mrs Hill, our new Headteacher, joined the Oakleigh family on Monday and has had a busy week settling into her new role. She's really enjoyed getting to know our delightful children and their families, seeing pupils engaged in their learning indoors and outdoors and building relationships with the strong staff team.

Welcome Mrs Hill! We are confident that, with your expertise, Oakleigh House will build on its strengths and ensure all our young people experience an exciting and fulfilling time with us.

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Places are filling fast for September intake so please contact our admissions team if you are interested in joining us.  We offer daily personal tours, so you can see us in action!

Contact us on: or 01792 829 537.
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Screen Time vs Screen Use

At Oakleigh House, we are committed to ensuring that our pupils receive an education that embraces the use of technology. Understandably, parents are concerned about the amount of 'screen time' their children are exposed to and the detrimental effect on their health and well-being. As such, it is important to understand the differences between 'screen time' and 'screen use'.

The definition of 'screen time' is the passive consumption of content, such as watching and streaming videos, online gaming, and scrolling through social media.

At our school we focus on 'screen use' - the power of using interactive resources and developing technology to enhance learning and actively engage pupils. This could be through coding exercises, educational games, collaborative projects, research activities, and much more.

At Oakleigh House our goal is to maximise the benefits of technology by focusing on screen use over screen time. To do this we assign every school child a personal device, as well as having dedicated PC time, we then focus on interactive, varied activities, and, in doing so, prepare children to thrive in our rapidly evolving world.
Our award winning* nursery provides a happy and nurturing environment in which children are sensitively and expertly prepared for school life.

We would love you to come along to see for yourself what makes our nursery so special and invite you and your child to join us for a complimentary stay and play session.

Our Stay & Play session is an ideal opportunity for you and your child to experience our nursery together and without obligation. Meet Head of Early Years, Mrs Wanless, and Nursery Teacher Mrs Van Hooijdonk.

You will see the well-equipped and comfortable facilities and observe play, interaction and development in a stimulating environment.

Our invitation is open to parents and children aged between 30 months and four-years-old.

*Top 20 Day Nursery in Wales for the past 3 years by 
Contact us to book your place: 01792 298537.

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Awards & Accolades

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Join us for a Personal Tour

We would be delighted to invite you to our wonderful school and share with you what makes Oakleigh House School the best educational start you can give your child.


The Perfect Setting for Children to Thrive

Nestled in Swansea, Oakleigh House School offers a vibrant educational experience.

Our school is equipped with an array of facilities, both on site and in the surrounding area, providing pupils with enriching opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Begin an Unforgettable Adventure

Children who join Oakleigh House School develop confidence and gain a genuine love for learning, putting them on the path to success.

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