Years 3 & 4

Nurturing Young Minds

Welcome to Years 3 and 4 at Oakleigh House School, where we continue to nurture our pupils' educational journey with a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum.

These years are marked by a continued focus on academic excellence, personal development, and enriching experiences, ensuring that our pupils are well-prepared to explore new horizons and embrace the challenges of their education.


Key Curriculum Focus Areas

We are dedicated to providing an enriching and comprehensive curriculum for our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils. Our program is thoughtfully designed to continue fostering holistic development and a well-rounded educational experience.


In Years 3 and 4, we continue to place a strong emphasis on developing essential communication and literacy skills. Our goal is to ensure that our pupils become confident, articulate communicators, equipped with the skills to express themselves effectively and engage with the world of literature.


Building on the foundational mathematics knowledge gained in earlier years, we delve deeper into mathematical concepts in Years 3 and 4. We aim to nurture our pupils' problem-solving abilities and mathematical proficiency, preparing them for more advanced mathematical challenges.

Science and Humanities

Our Science curriculum offers diverse learning experiences to enhance pupils' scientific knowledge and vocabulary. We promote exploration and understanding of the world, nurturing a lifelong passion for learning and curiosity. Humanities is taught chronologically, allowing pupils to visit local environments and historical places, enriching their educational journey.

Expressive Arts

Creativity and self-expression are highly valued, and our pupils continue to have ample opportunities to engage in the arts.

These experiences allow their creative talents to flourish, providing a well-rounded education that nurtures their artistic sensibilities.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

We are committed to supporting the social and emotional development of our pupils. In Years 3 and 4, we continue to foster their well-being, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Our aim is to equip them with the skills and understanding needed for positive social interactions and emotional resilience as they navigate through their academic journey.

Physical Development

Physical health and fitness remain vital aspects of our curriculum in Years 3 and 4. Our pupils engage in various sports, not only promoting physical well-being but also instilling the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.

My son enjoys being at school. He does so many activities throughout his school day and beyond. He has gone on some fantastic school trips and has good access to sport activities.

– Parent, Oakleigh House

Dedicated Educators

Our pupils are primarily taught by class teachers, who not only deliver the fundamental curriculum aligned with the National Curriculum, but also oversee the pastoral care of their pupils.

This holistic approach ensures that each child receives the support and guidance they need to excel academically and personally.

Structured Homework and Learning

We believe in fostering responsibility and independence in our pupils. To this end, we have implemented a structured homework schedule, and pupils are encouraged to adhere to this.

This approach helps them develop essential time management and organisation skills that will serve them well throughout their academic journey.

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Enriching Experiences Through School Trips

At Oakleigh House School, we understand the value of experiential learning.

Regular school trips are a fundamental part of our curriculum, extending learning opportunities and providing enjoyable and educational experiences that complement classroom-based education.

Strong School-Parent Partnership

We value the active involvement of parents in their children's education. We encourage close collaboration between parents and the school to enhance the opportunities and support available to our pupils. Regular assessments take place and parents receive feedback in the form of target reports and at Parents Evenings.

In the summer term, a comprehensive academic report is issued to parents, providing a complete overview of their child's achievements and areas for growth. This open and communicative relationship between school and parents ensures a supportive and enriching educational experience for our pupils.

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