Unleashing Potential Through Sports

At our school, we believe in nurturing the holistic development of our pupils, and sports play a vital role in achieving this goal.

From Nursery through to Year 6, pupils have the incredible opportunity to engage in a diverse range of physical and sporting activities right here on our campus.

Dive into a World of Sports

Sport plays a pivotal role at Oakleigh House School

The Power of Play and Physical Activity at our School

Our school boasts two expansive play areas equipped with all-weather surfaces, providing the perfect environment for outdoor activities. Additionally, our school hall transforms into a hub of energy and enthusiasm, hosting various sports activities. This ensures that, rain or shine, our pupils can always enjoy the benefits of physical exercise.

Sporting development extends beyond the regular curriculum through our extensive extra-curricular activities. During lunch breaks and after school, pupils can participate in a variety of sports, enhancing their skills and fostering a love for physical fitness.

Exclusive Facilities

For pupils in Year 3 to 6, the excitement doesn't stop at the school gates. Our weekly games lessons take place at the prestigious Swansea University Sports Centre. Here, they have exclusive access to top-notch facilities, including an indoor track and outdoor multi-purpose pitches.

Swimming lessons at the Wales National Pool further expand their horizons, providing access to 25m and 50m pools.

A Diverse Sports Portfolio

Our sports curriculum offers a diverse range of activities, including netball, hockey, cricket, football, rugby, athletics, and general fitness training.

We aim to provide pupils with a well-rounded experience that promotes physical activity, teamwork, and overall health and well-being.

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Specialised Tuition Beyond the School Grounds

In addition to on-site activities, our Key Stage 2 pupils embark on specialised journeys to various sports centres. They receive expert tuition in:

  • Gymnastics at Swansea Gymnastics Centre

  • Self Defence and Boxing at Ware-House Gym

  • Tennis Coaching at David Lloyd Health Club

Notably, our Year 6 pupils seize a unique opportunity to achieve Royal Yachting Association Level 1 Dinghy Sailing. This takes place during the autumn term, with weekly training courses at Swansea Marina in collaboration with Swansea Watersports.

Team Spirit Beyond Borders

Team sports are an integral part of our sports programme. Our pupils regularly travel to schools across South Wales for away matches, showcasing their skills and building camaraderie. For home fixtures, our pupils are privileged to play on our top-of-the-line astro turf pitch.

At our school, sports aren't just a physical activity; they're a journey of self-discovery, teamwork, and achievement. Join us in fostering a love for sports and a commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle.

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