Specialist Music Lessons

Weekly music lessons, guided by a specialist teacher, bring joy to our pupils. These classes centre around exploring the fundamental elements of music, including pitch, rhythm, texture, dynamics, and timbre.

Composition and Improvisation

As pupils progress, they delve into composition and improvisation, marking a significant step in their musical journey. This empowers them to create and express themselves through original pieces.

Class Music at our school goes beyond notes and scales; it's a holistic experience nurturing creativity, fostering a love for music, and equipping pupils with skills extending beyond the classroom. They use various instruments, such as ukuleles, glockenspiels and percussion, fostering a culture where acquired skills find application in regular sessions. Our pupils learn to read musical notation from a young age.

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Musical Enrichment and Artistic Engagement

The school excels in choral singing, involving pupils from all year groups in both internal and external concerts throughout the year.

These events encompass various celebrations such as Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas, and Summer. In music lessons, pupils actively engage with a diverse musical repertoire, spanning from classical masterpieces to contemporary genres.

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