Digital Curiosity

Empowering Learning Through Technology

At Oakleigh House School, our pupils have regular access to technology from the early stages. This advantage prepares them for whatever the future holds in store.

While we know that over half of the jobs our children will have do not yet exist, we are guaranteed they will involve digital literacy. No education is complete without this essential knowledge.

Early Years

Nursery, Preschool and Reception pupils are introduced to a stimulating learning environment that includes the regular use of iPads. These devices serve as valuable educational tools, providing access to a diverse selection of educational apps.

By integrating technology into their early learning experiences, our youngest students develop fundamental digital literacy skills and discover innovative ways to engage with the curriculum.

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In Year 1 and Year 2, each pupil has a designated iPad. Pupils are encouraged to develop their ICT skills across the curriculum and have the opportunity to use a range of apps and software packages including the full Office suite and online apps like Book Creator.

This prepares them for their individual personal devices which they will receive in Year 3.


In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, technology becomes increasingly embedded in everyday classroom practice. Personal laptops, provided by the school, provide varied learning opportunities through the digital medium. The children's learning is enhanced by responsive EdTech platforms including Learning by Questions. In addition, children work collaboratively with their teachers and peers using Microsoft Teams, OneNote and Whiteboard.

Teams is used by the children to communicate with each other and with staff, which further supports their wellbeing.

We provide the children with opportunities to become innovators and creative, using their problem-solving skills to produce outstanding work.

As we look to the future, and digital examination systems, the children at Oakleigh House are already developing the key skills they need for their future education and the world of work.

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