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Oakleigh House School offers a vibrant educational journey, creating a seamless progression for children to thrive. From the joyful Nursery through to an engaging and challenging Preparatory School, our pupils embrace a stimulating environment where learning becomes an adventure.

  • We provide a nurturing environment where the youngest learners embark on their educational journey with personalised care, fostering a foundation for curiosity, social development, and a love for learning.

  • We provide a nurturing and engaging environment that lays the foundation for lifelong learning, focusing on fostering curiosity, creativity, and social development in our youngest learners.

  • Our reception is not just a welcoming space; it's a warm embrace that marks the beginning of a journey where each child is valued, nurtured, and set on a path to discover the joy of learning.

  • In Years 1 and 2, young learners embark on a dynamic educational journey where a nurturing environment fosters both academic curiosity and the development of essential life skills.

  • In Years 3 and 4, pupils embark on a journey of discovery and growth, engaging in a vibrant learning environment that emphasises both academic excellence and the development of essential life skills.

  • In Years 5 and 6, pupils experience a rich educational environment marked by a dynamic curriculum, tailored support systems, and a vibrant community fostering academic excellence and personal development.

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