Years 1 & 2

Instilling a Love for Learning

At Oakleigh House School, our Year 1 & 2 program is a dynamic journey of growth and discovery. Our dedicated team and well-rounded curriculum create a nurturing environment where young learners are encouraged to explore, develop, and thrive.

Explore the exciting world of Years 1 & 2 at Oakleigh House School, where young minds flourish.


Key Curriculum Focus Areas

We are dedicated to providing an enriching and comprehensive curriculum for our Year 1 and Year 2 pupils. Our programme is carefully designed under various headings to ensure holistic development and a well-rounded educational experience.


Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing essential communication and literacy skills, ensuring that our pupils become confident and articulate communicators.


We foster a solid foundation in mathematics, nurturing pupils' problem-solving abilities and mathematical proficiency.

Understanding the World

Our pupils are encouraged to explore and understand the world around them, sparking curiosity and a passion for learning about their environment.

Physical Development

Physical activity is a vital aspect of our curriculum, and pupils engage in various sports to promote physical health and fitness.

Expressive Arts

We value creativity and self-expression, and our pupils have ample opportunities to engage in the arts, allowing their creativity to flourish.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

We support the development of pupils' social and emotional well-being, fostering empathy and emotional intelligence.

Loving and caring environment. Tailored education to the individual needs of the child.

– Parent, Year 2


Empowering Education Through Technology Integration

Incorporating technology into the learning process is a cornerstone of our approach.

Mobile devices such as iPads and laptops are integral tools in our pupils' educational journey, enhancing their learning experiences.

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School Trips

Practical Learning Experiences

To provide a well-rounded education, our pupils participate in visits to festivals, museums, environmental centres, and other places of interest.

These excursions complement classroom learning and make education come alive.


Enhancing the Curriculum

We believe in the value of physical activity and teamwork. Our pupils engage in various sports, including football, netball, hockey, short tennis, Tag Rugby, Swimming, rounders and many more, catering to both boys and girls. Our goal is to ensure that every pupil enjoys participating in sports and develops a genuine sense of teamwork.

Music and drama are also integral parts of our school culture. Throughout the year, we organise concerts and drama performances that involve pupils of all ages. These events not only provide entertainment but also foster creativity and self-expression.

Begin an Unforgettable Adventure

Children who join Oakleigh House School develop confidence and gain a genuine love for learning, putting them on the path to success.

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