Fees from September 2020


(School Day fees include Breakfast, 2 course lunch, Ballet and Gymnastic by specialist staff. Long day fees include a light tea)
School Day (8.00am to 3.00pm)£2,450 per term
Long Day (8.00am to 6.00pm)£2,855 per term

Nursery Part Time Fees

4 sessions (minimum charge)£1,000 per term
5 sessions £1,250 per term
6 sessions£1,495 per term
7 sessions £1,745 per term
8 sessions£1,980 per term
9 sessions£2,230 per term
4 Long days (8am - 6pm)£2,305 per term
3 Long days (8am - 6pm)£1,740 per term
2 Long days (8am - 6pm) £`1,160 per term

Junior School

Reception£2,170 per term
Year 1 £2,225 per term
Year 2£2,430 per term
Year 3£2,470 per term
Year 4 £2,535 per term
Year 5 £2,740 per term
Year 6 £2,860 per term
Break time fruit and 2 course Lunch£210 per term

Optional Extras (10 lessons per term)

Ballet£55 per term
Speech: Reception to Year 2£55 per term
Speech: Year 3 – 6£65 per term
Instrument Tuition£140 per term
Singing £140 per term

Afterschool Charges

After School Supervision including tea until 6pm£7 per evening
After School - Late collection fixed charge£10 fixed charge per evening

Holiday Club (8am - 6pm including lunch)

One child£37 per day
Two children£47 per day
Three children£57 per day


Termly charge£3 per seat per journey
One off use£5 per journey

Sibling Discounts (oldest to youngest)

First 0%

More Information

  • Fees are payable in advance, on or before the first day of term. Fees not paid by the due date may be liable to a late payment charge of 1.5% per month from the first day of term.
  • Fees are reviewed for September annually.
  • A full term’s notice is required in writing before the withdrawal of a pupil from the school, failing which fees in lieu of notice will be charged. Please refer to our terms and conditions.
  • Unpaid fees may result in a pupil being excluded.
  • Should you have any queries please contact our Business Manager.
01792 298537