We endeavour to make the process of morning drop offs and end of day collections as easy as possible for parents.

Daily Arrangements

Nursery to Year 2 parents take their children directly to their child’s classroom.

KS2 parents are given a fob which operates the main door from 8.00am – 8.45am.  Parents who arrive at school before this time, are asked to remain with their child until 8.00am when staff come on duty. Staff in school before this time have chosen to do so for planning and preparation.

School opens at 8.00am. Pupils arriving between 8.00am – 8.30am have Early Bird supervision takes place in the pupils individual classrooms.

The end of the day is staggered to try to make parking a little easier and reduce congestion in the Crescent. Wherever possible parents are asked to leave promptly once they have collected their child to give the parents of older pupils space to park.  Parents are given a 30 minute window until 4.00pm to collect their children, without charge.

The charge for Acorns Stay and Play covers the period from:
3.30pm/4pm – 6pm at £7 daily.  There is a fixed charge of £10 per day for any pupils collected after 6pm.

A light tea is provided and various activities will be offered each day.

  • At the end of the day Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2 pupils can be collected directly from their classrooms by using the side entry gate, Nursery at 3.00pm and Reception at 3.15pm.. Year 1 3.20pm and Year 2 3.25pm.
  • Years 3 and 4 pupils will be brought to the front door at 3.30pm and if not collected they will wait with their respective teacher until 4pm when they will be registered for Acorns Stay and Play.
  • Years 5 and 6 pupils will be brought to the front door at 3.40pm and if not collected with remain with their respective teacher until 4pm and if not collected will be registered for Acorns Stay and Play.
  • All afterschool clubs start at 3.45pm.
  • When collecting children from an afterschool club children will be brought to the front door and if not collected will be registered in Acorns Stay and Play.

As part of our on-going commitment to keep our children safe, a collection password system has been introduced for children who attend Nursery, Acorns Stay and Play and Acorns Holiday Club. The password system applies only to people who do not regularly collect from school.

An agreed password will be added to our Database and the child will only be released from school once the password has been given.  This system ensures the safety of the child and that the person collecting the child has permission to do so.

Parents collecting from Acorns Stay and Play must use the side gate so that staff are always aware of the whereabouts of the children.

What you should do if....

Please telephone or email the School before 9.30 am on the first day of absence advising us of your child’s illness.  When your child returns please write a note in your child’s school diary explaining the reason for absence.

Inform the office and your child’s class teacher at once.  You will be asked to complete a Healthcare Plan for school to follow.  If necessary they will inform other members of staff who need to know.  Whatever the situation we will do our best to help you and your child cope in school.

Children who have not been picked up at home time automatically go to the Acorns Stay and Play.  If you know you are going to be late however, please telephone the School so that the Out of Hours Manager knows who will be in their care and the kitchen staff know how many children require tea.

Always talk to your child’s class teacher. If something has happened that may affect your child in school see the teacher first thing in the morning.  Alternatively, if you need more time for discussion, make an appointment.  Staff are here to help you and your child get the most out of school.

Holidays should not be taken in term time. Permission for special absence can be obtained by completing the absence request form which can be found on Cognita Connect.  This will then be handed to the Headteacher for authorisation.  It is requested that this form be completed prior to finalising any holiday arrangements.

It is very important that we always have correct home details for your child and an up to date contact number for you.  Please complete the Change of Details form on Cognita Connect and let us know in plenty of time if your telephone number or address is to be changed.

The office staff are always happy to help with general enquiries.

For queries of a financial nature, please contact Mrs Nicola McGinley, Business Manager

01792 298537