Oakleigh House School Council

The school council is made up of pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 and takes an active part in decision making.  Two pupils from each year group are elected to the school council annually.  This pupil body meets regularly to make suggestions about the school, its environment and how they can help local, national and international charities.

Oakleigh House Eco Council

The Eco Committee helps our school make a BIG difference by doing lots of small things throughout our school.

Oakleigh House Eco Council aims

  • We meet at least twice every half term.
  • We always write minutes of our meeting which are available in the eco- file.
  • We plan what to do and monitor the on-going activities.
  • We are in charge of collecting eco-evidence from each of our classes which can be displayed in the eco-file or on the display boards outside the hall, which we continually monitor and up-date.
  • We strive to include the whole school and wider community in our initiatives and activities.
  • We want everyone to realise that the small things we do can help to make a BIG difference.

Oakleigh House Eco School Mission

  • Care for animals and plants,
  • Action for the planet,
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,
  • Everybody environmentally friendly!


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