Nursery and Reception have regular access to iPads and from Year 1, the pupils use laptops.  They quickly become familiar with their operation and capabilities. Pupils are encouraged to develop their ICT skills across the curriculum.   They will also have the opportunity to use a range of media within school including digital cameras, microphones for recording and roamers.

Children progress from simple applications in Nursery to more advanced applications such as word processing, desktop publishing, computer graphics, using databases to store and retrieve information and use of the internet to access information. Children will also gain experience of using animation programs and software to manipulate digital media including pictures and video.  In Years 5 and 6 the children are introduced to programming, looking at developing sections of coding to allow them to run programs.  They learn to draw shapes using the language of Logo.  This challenges the children to use their numerical skills in a new and different context.  They will also use a program called ‘Scratch’ which allows them to develop their logical thinking when designing games, animation and simple programs.

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