Years 3 & 4

Independent School in Swansea

We have high expectations of the children’s work and behaviour so we reward these with a house point system and set targets for individual progress.

The children are taught mainly by class teachers who are responsible for the pastoral care of the pupils in their charge and for delivering the basic curriculum, which is in line with the National Curriculum.  Specialist teaching is provided in Art, Music, Drama, Spanish and Sport. Pupils receive a structured homework schedule and are expected to keep their homework diary up to date.

Regular school trips play an important part in all aspects of the curriculum.  These extend learning opportunities as well as being pleasurable experiences.

Parents are encouraged to work in close partnership with the School to enhance the opportunities for their children. Pupils are assessed regularly and termly target reports are discussed at Parents Evenings.  In the summer term a full academic report is issued to parents.

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