Specialist Music tuition

Class Music is based around the study of the various elements of music – pitch, rhythm, texture, dynamic and timbre – through a variety of practical activities including singing and instrumental work and listening tasks.  Our older pupils are introduced to the skills of composition and improvisation.


Drama has a well-established place in the school curriculum and is recognised as a discipline that benefits the children through the development of social skills, confidence and the advancement of performance and self-presentation skills.

Pupils from Reception to Year 6 have the benefit of a weekly drama lessons with a specialist teacher.  Work in lessons is based around drama games, storytelling, mime and movement, characterisation, improvisation and scripted work.

All pupils have the opportunity to perform their work in class and in class assemblies. They also have the opportunity of performing to a wider audience in special assemblies, school concerts and whole school performances.

There is a summer production for the older pupils and the annual highlight of the year is the Christmas production which involves every pupil in the school.

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